Eco Friendly Activities in the Trekking Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani Eco-Friendly Activities

Eco-Friendly Activities Mount Rinjani, Trekking Mount Rinjani helps in understanding nature and the environment carefully, people often misunderstand trekking as the reason for degradation but it helps in a better understanding of the around natural environment. The mountain climbers get more aware of the problems and harmful activities performed which is the reason for the decline. These issues can only be resolved when people have accurate knowledge and understanding of the around natural environment

Maintaining the balance of Mount Rinjani Nature is necessary

From the time our company started, we have opted for Eco-Friendly Activities trekking because the protection of the environment and maintaining the balance of nature is our responsibility. Some people are polluting and harming the environment knowingly or unknowingly which has an adverse effect on it. Stop every activity which is harming the environment in some or the other way, Mountains are sensitive to human activities and we should respect and be thankful to nature for everything which a human needs to survive. Everybody has a desire to explore the new areas and find tranquillity in places but every move you make affects the environment. So here are some steps you can take to maintain the balance on your trek. foto

Things you can do on a trekking mount rinjani to maintain the dignity Nature Mount Rinjani

Try to reduce the waste as much as you can, reuse the things which can recycle, it is necessary to manage waste properly to prevent degradation of the environment. Bring reusable items and water bottles on any trek, plastic bottles do not decompose and are a big threat to the environment. Clean up the places after camping done Whichever place you visit make sure you leave it clean, people in Lombok-indonesia do not care about throwing the waste and its impacts. There polluted water bodies, forest areas, cities, and mountains, but it is our responsibility to clean them. While on your trek carry an eco-bag where you can put all the trash and collect all the waste which you find on the trail and around the area. Leave No Trace It is a Wilderness Rule that nobody should know that you went to the forest, whatever you took with you should come back with you and the natural places should not be harmed in any way and leave the places in a good condition than before. This is the best way by which the waste can be reduced. foto Our compnay Supported by Local People For Eco -Friendly Activities – Sustainable Trekking and Tourism is very important for growth and to improve the conditions. Local companies should support because it helps you and the local person too, it is a way to earn a livelihood and you can build good connections with them. Become Motivation for others Be the change and start these activities eventually others follow you. Share your experiences and Eco-Friendly Activities methods with others (family, friends, etc.) Exchange ideas with each other and correct them in their faults to prevent the damage. You soon see the changes, one person can make all the difference, be that one person and contribute to the protection because by spreading knowledge to people is one way which can reduce the degradation. foto

We organize Environment for Eco-Friendly Activities.

♦ People unknowingly harm it by some activities, we spread information and awareness about conserving the natural resources and environment-friendly techniques of management and disposal of waste. ♦ To save the places we conduct campaigns like cleaning the waste from local villages and trails, in these campaigns villagers are also included. ♦ The leftover food wasted and the waste is not littered anywhere, we carry eco-bags with us on every trek in which the waste is kept, any waste seen on the trails or anywhere is collected. ♦ Some methods of eco-friendly trekking are the safe disposal of waste, segregation, collection, responsible sightseeing, not disturbing the wildlife, etc. ♦ We follow the rule of “Leave No Trace”. By opting eco-friendly trekking we are encouraging others to do the same by conducting awareness programs.     .