Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, part of the famous ( Fire Ring ) of dramatic scenery has been created after its eruption in the 12 century ago, exploded from the eruption of the harsh rinjani mountains to form a caldera that surrounds the lake (segara anak) and in the middle of the lake there is a baby of volcano that is called a new mountain finger. Mount Rinjani was formerly called Mount Samalas which reaches a height of up to 5000, masl and the peak of Mount Rinjani is to the east of caldera with a height of 3726, masl.trekking rinjani

Mount Rinjani has a lot of history for the people of Lombok, Sasak and Balines, the volcano is revered as a holy place and the abode of the gods. Segara Anak Lake is the destination for thousands of pilgrims who offer offerings in the water to give the gods so that what is in it can be granted. Many of its places are considered sacred like gua susu, gua payung, and kalak jambangan. this place is one for the treatment of diseases and also the place of the meditative ones.

More than 20 villages held Rinjani has many routes to go to national park such as, timbenuh, torean, senaru and sembalun but the main thing to go to the crater rim ( pelawangan ) and lake is from Senaru, and the best Trek to the summit is tart from Sembalun village

Lombok’s Rinjani Mountain named as one of the best destination worldwide A prestigiouse 2004 World Legacy Award For Environment and Social Leader in tourism was given to the Rinjani management Board By Concervation International (CI) and geographic Travveler magazine in a ceremony at The National Geographic Society in Washinton DC on June 8,2004 Finalis Destination Award 2005 and 2008.