The Purpose of Dhyns Rinjani Hiking Company
WHAT IS THE FIRST GOAL OF OUR COMPANY? Traditionally, a business or company is seen as an entity that exists to provide a product or service. More and more consumers and entrepreneurs are embracing the idea that companies can become more. Social entrepreneurship brings more meaning to what our company does, and it's an interesting trend to explore if one wants to make a difference in our careers and lives. WHAT MAKES OUR COMPANY GOAL DIFFERENT? For 20% of us, how our company treats the environment is a major issue when choosing a brand, and 19% see what our company does to support society. A purpose-driven company to help enable companies to go beyond selling products and make a difference through their decisions and strategies, or through their support of these social and environmental programmes. HOW DOES OUR GOAL BASED COMPANY DRIVE IMPACT AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Goal-driven companies often approach hiring differently. In addition to looking for those who have the skills and expertise in the climbing field needed to do their job. Our company is also looking for people who are passionate about making a difference in your climbing and experience. They cultivate expert talent for impact, hygiene, social and overall culture shaped by social entrepreneurs who help each other grow. Putting together a team of passionate individuals is just the beginning. Indeed, there are other strategies that our company uses that are purpose-driven to have an environmental or social impact, including: ♦donating some of the profits from the company to those in need. ♦A few percent of the profits will go to underprivileged school children ♦A few percent of the profits will be used to clean up the Mount Rinjani area and environment ♦Support employees so they can volunteer for a few hours each week.